Tire Service

Flat tires are a fact of life. No matter how clean the roads look or how much you baby your car, eventually you’re going to get a flat tire. Even though many cars come with a spare tire and jack to take care of it on the side of the road, not many people feel comfortable doing it or even don’t know how. That’s why Todd’s Towing offers complete roadside tire service for any vehicle, including larger trucks and equipment.

Todd’s Towing has been operating for over thirty years and our tire service offerings have come out mostly through requests and ideas from customers who need our help. We can be there quickly to do the work that you don’t care to do, don’t feel safe doing, or just plain don’t know how. There’s no distance or size restrictions, just the tire service you need when you need it. Find out exactly what we offer for the next time you’re in a bind by calling Todd’s Towing today!